makeda partnership program


  • Discovering your life’s purpose
  • Sharing your gifts and talents with the world
  • Your gifts and talents opening doors for you and taking you places you’ve never gone before
  • Your core values being the driving force behind your decisions and judgments
  • Having awesome partnerships and relationships
  • Living your best years ahead

“It takes an aggressively enterprising woman to create change and make an impact in today's society. 

It is imperative that you as this unique woman be constantly coached and equipped to forge such change and impact”. The Makeda Woman is a community of talented women who are consistently empowered by each other and coached by Nicole Vonetta to bring consistent awareness of self, God's purpose, his resources, and their created potential. 

Statics shows that people who take action in investing in their personal development and the development of others have seen tremendous growth and success. 

What makes a Makeda Partnership program different from any women's group?

 Our women are constantly coached, trained, encouraged, prayed for and affirmed. 

 We operate on a "Push Up, Pull Up" philosophy - this type of philosophy means, we push you to be your best, and you pay it forward, creating a community of aggressively enterprising change agents.

 You will get what you need; community, access to resources and the ability to grow in your gifts. 


  • Constant awareness of what drives you 
  • The ability to identify and use your stronger core values 
  • A better balance of your health & wellness
  • The ability to attract and keep awesome relationships
  • How to protect your spirit in a harsh marketplace
  • A greater understanding of the " MAKEDA MINDSET."
  • Daily practices that keep your vision clear and you focus
  • Confidence that reflects through your gifts and talents
  • Better awareness of "The Value Exchange."
  • A circle of lasting organic partnerships 

Nicole Vonetta's commitment to you as a partner is to raise your level of awareness, break repeated cycles and propel you towards a perpetual state of being; your best you.