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There are battles you've repeatedly been fighting. You’ve been going through the same situation/s year after year. Somewhere during your repeated cycles, you settled and resolved it TO BE fate. You have become comfortable with what is and stop growing & living intentionally. BUT there is and has always been something deep inside that never really allowed you to be comfortable with stagnation and repeated cycles. 

So now, at this moment of your life, you are experiencing fear, frustration and sometimes anger. Constantly you find yourself procrastinating, being tardy, feeling drained, blaming others, looking quick fixes and escapes and at time secluding yourself. Routines and never-ending cycles have taken its toll on you, your relationships and your dreams. 




  Confidence & self-awareness is to know WHO YOU ARE.  Just like purpose, confidence and awareness itself are vital to your success. Having the ability to be conscious of every word you speak, every emotion you feel, every experience you go through and respond with precision and integrity, is awareness and confidence. 

For you to operate at a high level of confidence and awareness, it is imperative that you are always conscious of your words, your intent, and your approaches as well as how and when you choose to respond. 

Whenever your level of confidence and awareness is high, you can expect a higher level of precision, passion, responsiveness, creativity, enthusiasm, and gratitude. You are now able to think creatively and act immediately towards your desired and intended outcome. Are you ready to operate at a higher level of confidence and awareness?





There is a fork in the road and the right path is unclear—what do you do? For many people this predicament seems like a daunting and impossible task, but if you know exactly what it is you want to get out of life there the answer is obvious. 

Successful personal growth requires motivation, the desire to improve, and the willingness to strive to make changes. You also need to be willing to get out of your comfort zone, and sometimes, do things that are uncomfortable, but are for your own good. An open mind and the desire to learn and grow are also important.

 Sometimes, problems and difficulties are the triggers that awaken the desire to grow, and lead to making changes in one’s life. At other times, people are inspired to take steps toward personal growth after reading an inspiring book, watching a movie or reading about people who achieved success.





Today more people are hurt, stressed and anxious than ever before and preventing or eliminating the sources of such stress can be challenging for some and impossible for most. Spiritual healing is a great way of finding solutions, tools, and practices that allows you to conquer and even eliminate anxiety and stress.  

 Your spiritual healing is your responsibility and comes down to your values, purpose, and beliefs. Are you taking care of yourself spiritually? Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Do I make time out for mindful meditation and prayer?
  • Do I engage in any relaxing activity daily or weekly?
  • Do my standards drive my decisions and judgments?
  • Do I listen to others and accept the value they are imparting into my life?

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 As a women entrepreneur, the last thing you want to do is manage or worry about people. Your focus in about meeting new customers, creating dynamic products or awesome services. If you can’t afford to hired people to take on the task of managing your employees; then you are the boss. Unfortunately, while you focus on the productive side of our business, you become the boss by default without proper or prior training of people management.

Being a boss isn't complicated, but it does require some time, thought and attention to be awesome. Remember people are putting their faith in you, you owe it to you and them to be your best, it's your brand.   

The good news is that you can make this change today and an be that better boss you’ve always wanted to be. Book an appointment with a coach today.


STRAIGHT TALK WITH FRIENDS - The Meeting of the Minds


Some conversations are extremely difficult to have. You often fear to ask questions and instead bury your feelings, doubts, and pain. Do you realize that these fears, pains, and negative emotions manifest in ways that affect your personal growth and relationship with others? Then talk about it with your friends. You not only talk to our friends you learn from them too. Friends help push you out of your comfort zones while still providing a safe emotional space for you to be yourself.

More importantly, friendship helps you grow through each year of your life. 

What better way to spend time with your friends in a coach guided setting where you can ask any questions on a specific topic and get answers.  Set up a ‘Straight Talk’ session for you and your friends today.




  Group coaching presents the opportunity to attain value that you need for different stages of your life at a cheaper cost. Some of these value will continue to benefit you well beyond your initial experience.

In group coaching, you’re sharing the financial cost with a group of other people. Though it’s a  team setting everyone's goal is different, but you're still growing.  Something magical things happen when you allow yourself to be open and vulnerable to other Queens/Makeda Women. You develop friendships and make connections that nourish your heart and soul. Some connections you will make during group coaching can turn out to be great accountability partners during the program and even after. 

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